Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey everybody!!! Did you vote? Well, did you??? PUNK!

Hope so! You are making a difference in this country, so you better exercise your right!

Anyways...the title of this blog is a double-feature because it is a combination DVD UPDATE AND Phil Smith Update! Yep, you get two-for-one and you don't even have to pay for it! How 'bout that? First off, we'll start with the DVD UPDATE.

Oh yeah! Welcome to November! Thanksgiving's coming up! By the way, Port of Subs is offering a new sandwich for a limited time that is one you'll definitely want to 'gobble up' while it lasts!

The 'Pilgrim'.

It's delicious! I've had it twice so far! I reccommend getting it hot so that it's like having Thanksgiving in a sandwich! Although it'd be nice if they offered pumpkin pie cookies or something, but oh well.

On with the DVD UPDATE courtesy of The Digital Bits!

November 11
December 16
December 23
December 30
January 6
February 3

Okay! Now it's time for a ME update!

Halloween was an absolute blast with the Everything 80s Meetup Group! No doubt, you've seen the pictures! I WON 'BEST 80S COSTUME'!!!!! A brand new Fuji Digital Camera is now in my possession. Now I know that many of you have been asking me to sell you my current digital camera, even my Mom has! However, I'm sorry to say that the only person I'll most likely be giving the old camera to will be my girlfriend, Lisa. Sorry! But thanks all the same for asking!

So that brings us into the next topic. Lisa and I. We recently surpassed our 1 month of talking to each other! In the forms of phone calls, text messages, and even video chatting. Albeit from a 'drunk dial' on Saturday night (insert 'Sideways' reference), we talked about the idea of not just me going out to Michigan and then driving out to Vegas with Lisa, but the idea of having her come out to Las Vegas a little sooner just to get to see each other.

Well...(ladies get ready to grab your tissues, guys get ready to buy me some beers lol) Sunday night...I Phil Smith took it upon myself to buy Lisa a plane ticket to come out here for Thanksgiving a whole MONTH before I'm supposed to fly out there and drive back with her!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! Lisa is coming out to Las Vegas from November 24-December 3!!!!!!!! So many of you will get a chance to meet her in person! I am so happy about this! She is so happy about it, she actually told me how blessed she is to have me in her life! How great of a boyfriend am I? I ask you!!! This is amazing...it really is. I have never done anything like this...but I have now. I am so happy about this. IN 20 DAYS, I GET TO BE WITH LISA!!!!! Lol, I feel like singing the end theme to 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood'...

It's such a good feeling...

That and of course, continuing to quote 'Almost Famous,' "It's all happening!"


Let's see, a random topic to open here...CANDY!

You know how a lot of stores try selling all their Halloween and Easter candy the day after those holidays? Well, over the weekend at Wallgreen's I picked up a 3 for $3 deal.

These are very tasty! If you like strawberry and you enjoy malted milk balls, then you will definitely like these!

Now normally, I'm not too big on caramel, but caramel apples, definitely! Sugar Babies are now available in this caramel apple flavor and I love 'em! I don't chew on 'em. That just makes my teeth sore and makes for some sticky ickyness lol. Instead, I prefer to just let them sit on my tongue and let the apple coating wear off then get to the caramel. Yummy!


Baskin Robbins has now released these soft candies flavored to taste like two of their popular ice creams! The one I bought was Mint Chocolate Chip and oh...my...God is it good! It's like having a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream scoop in a little tiny piece of candy!

I'm going to place some in my fridge to see how good they taste when they're cold!

Movies? Recently I saw Kevin Smith's latest,

Wow...this one was definitely worthy of falling into my Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2008! Memorable characters, an awesome screenplay, plus unforgettable lines that I am sure many will be saying throughout the end of the year! Even the soundtrack is kickass! Lots of great late 90s tunes! The soundtrack actually will be released next Tuesday.

Also, before Zack and Miri, they showed the trailer for a film that has been going through the ringer for so long but is finally getting a theatrical release!!!!
It's a bout time!!!

Man...today's been a really edge-of-your-seat type of day...but I am hopeful that by the end of the night, CHANGE will have come. I'm going out myself to sing a little karaoke at PTs so those of you meetup people reading this can find me there this evening! If the official results come in later tonight and Obama has won, I am singing Celebration by Kool and the Gang, I promise!!!

What else???

Uh...I know who I'm going to be next Halloween! Once again, it's going to be a surprise! Only my parents know!!!

Oooh! I just purchased a ticket to go to a midnight showing of Quantum of Solace with the 80s meetup group on November 13!

That should be fun! Haven't done a late night movie screening since last June when I saw Get Smart! Which is now on DVD!


That just happened, sorry!

Ah, man...there's just so much yet so little time to tell it all in, but I think this blog gets the bulk of what I wanted to say right now out of the way. So have a great November everybody and I will be back with another big update sometime in December!!!!

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