Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is the biggie!

And I don't mean the size you can have your food ordered at Wendy's! No, this is one of those blogs that I am writing to basically catch everyone up on what's been going on in my life. Believe me, there's a lot! Also, I'd like to put a little disclaimer on this one for those who are reading my blog for the first time.

I know many of you are new friends of mine so you may or may not have an idea of the kind of stuff I put in these blogs so I will just let you know right now that this blog here is rated

So now that we're clear on that here's what's going on in the life of Phil Smith!

Well, first and foremost, I'd like to tell you about a new lady in my life! Yep, there is indeed someone new in the life of Phil Smith! Her name is Lisa and she's from Michigan. Now I am sure after reading that you're probably asking, "Phil, how in the world are you making that work when she's there and you're here?!" Well the answer is simple really! She's moving here! Not only that, and believe me, this is one of the ballsiest moves I've ever done, I am actually flying out to Michigan to help her drive cross-country from Michigan to Las Vegas! That's right! A 3-day road trip with her! The perfect opportunity to get to know her in person! Of course we have been talking/texting for almost three weeks now, plus she inspired me to get a webcam! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I now own a webcam. Might actually start making some videos to post up on YouTube in the future! Could be an excellent opportunity for a demo reel too!

But bottom line, Lisa and I have clicked so well. I feel as much for her as she does for me. It's truly an incredible feeling to have for someone so far, yet so close to coming to live in the same city as you. I mean I am just feeling so positive about this. I'm an optimist, never really was in the past, but now I am saying to all non-believers and those who have been the types who always told me "No" or "That doesn't happen to people like you", I along with Lisa...we are going to give those people a giant metaphorical finger with this journey. We're even hoping to have the whole thing end with a picture of us in front of the Las Vegas sign! It's all happening and it'll be incredible!!!

Next up, work. Well, as many of you will recall, the last big blog I wrote talked about how as of June, 2009 I will no longer be a Metro Networks employee due to the fact that they'll be closing down. I'll be out of a job. For the last three or four weeks, I have been searching left and right for opportunities at different radio stations and it has not been going good. It's very tough. Some places have been steering me in all sorts of directions and telling me that I've been sending my resumes and cover letters to the wrong people. Apparently, the 'Promotions Director' is not who I'm supposed to be sending stuff to anymore, but rather the 'Programming Director.' Surprise surprise! It's been making me miserable.

In fact, just looking for a new place to live is making miserable as well! I recently decided to look online at Craigs List for the opportunity of moving in with some roommates. There's plenty out there and depending on if I end up working part time, very reasonable rent costs! However, many of these posters are looking for their rooms to be filled ASAP. Well, I'm not really ready to move out just yet. Recently, I surpassed my 6th month of living at my apartment, and I remember telling myself I wanted to have enough money to afford to live on my own for at least half a year. Well, I have clearly done that now but with the whole economic/financial situation, I feel the need to downgrade a bit and try going for a more inexpensive place and if need be, move in with other people. Hell, I liked living with roommates! I did it four and a half years at college and while many will say, "Don't you want your freedom?" or "But, you're not in college anymore," I say so what?! I found what looked to be a perfect posting the other day! Get a load of this...

'Bohemian sought for large room in funky vintage house'

"Beautiful, large room for rent in funky old-Vegas house. Bedroom is 11 x 14 with vaulted ceiling and french doors leading out to park-like back yard. House is 2 minutes from the 15 and 5 minutes from downtown/Strip, but neighborhood is quiet and almost rural feeling -- not at all ghetto. You would be living with two harmless artsy oddballs, one female and one male, both quiet and respectful, and one small dog, also quiet and respectful :-) Full gourmet kitchen sits unused and unloved most of the time, so if you like to cook, it's all yours. If you want to live somewhere unconventional, unique and un-Vegas, this is your spot! Male or female, gay or straight, any age, any race... as long as you are a little on the kooky side, and not easily offended, you'll fit right in. Perfect for artists or students or similarly inclined free-thinkers. $500/month, plus 1/3 utilities... 1st & last month required upon move-in. Email for more info! Have a great day!"

The people seemed right up my alley and the room and house itself looked beautiful! I emailed the posted telling them about myself and how while I'm not 100% ready to move out, I most likely would be next year. I got a response back saying they thought I'd be the perfect roommate for them to have, but unfortunately were looking to fill the room "ASAP." Rats. But you know what, like I mentioned with the whole looking for a job situation, it was just making miserable when I shouldn't have been. Yes, I am one of those people who likes to start looking for stuff as early as he finds out that he won't have the job he has been working at much longer, but you know what? At this point I would like to just slow it down and hold off making any big decisions until January 2009. Because, I have a feeling that come November, we're going to have a huge CHANGE for the better in our country.

Which brings me to my next topic. POLITICS! Bet you never thought Phil Smith would have this to post in his blog did ya??? I am a registered voter and I've never been this politically active in my whole life, but this election is critical. We've got to vote people! Nay, we MUST vote! And vote right! I firmly believe that in 2009, the United States of America will take a turn for the better when we have this man in office...

and by his side, one of my hometown's (Delaware's) finest,

I did early voting on Saturday October 18th and it was one of the best feelings ever. Obama/Biden, Dina Titus, Kris Pickering, Stefanie Miley, and other Las Vegas politicos that I felt were the best people suited for running our city and of course our country. Ladies and gentlemen, I am telling you right now, democracy is needed right now in our United States of America. We get McCain/Palin, we're screwed. Alright? F-U-C-K-E-D screwed, understand? Tina Fey is wonderful spoofing Palin, but that's all it is okay? Just because she acts funny, doesn't mean the real Palin is going to be if she's in office. It's getting SNL back its viewers. Correct me if I'm wrong but SNL was essentially going into the toilet until last year's 'Dick in a Box' sketch. The only thing keeping it's ratings up now-a-days is the election. When that's over, what? Seriously, what?!

I voted for CHANGE and the good kind too! Folks, get out there and vote. I'm serious. It's your future and mine. Now if only those Obama/Biden t-shirts on back order would hurry up so I can get mine in the mail! Looks like by the time they arrive it'll be November already!

Okay, I'm stepping away from the mic now! :-D.

The mic! That brings up my next topic! Singing! Well, I haven't been to Barbecue Masters in a long time. Why? Mainly due to the fact that a lot of my meetups have been going on Friday nights, but the other reason is due to a new obsession of mine...

Yep! Courtesy of two of my 'Everything 80s' meetup friends, Adam and Corena, I've gotten very much into this game! See, I used to be the guy who hated games like DDR and Guitar Hero because it just meant to me that they were making reality into videogames. "Why spend hours trying to learn how to play the guitar, when you can do it without worry playing this videogame?!" Well, now with Rock Band, it's like I'm doing karaoke the way I want to! Like when I sing along to music playing my car! Because that's all it is! The actual song that you play guitar, bass, drums, and sing over! One thing I love the most about it, is that back in July, they released the special 'Best of The Who' Rock Band add-on that my friend Corena downloaded just for me! I'm sure it won't surprise you that out of the 13 songs it includes, I scored a 100% on vocals for about 8 or 9 of the songs! But yeah, that's my new thing, Rock Band. Even my buddy Paul has it and for the first time, we jammed together last night at his place playing the game! Even got to do Won't Get Fooled Again at one point during an 'Audience Choice' portion of the game! It's become a weekly ritual as well at Corena's place with her roommate Wolfie. If you haven't tried this game, you really should, it can be quite the party game if you're having friends over!

I'd like to just say that this doesn't mean that I am completely giving up Barbecue Masters, I'm just, as I will say, 'on hiatus' for a little while! Rest assured my Barbecue Masters friends, I will be back!

Since I touched on it in the last topic, I'll move now onto the Meetup groups! I am having a totally awesome time with my Everything 80s meetup group! My social calendar has seriously never been so full of fun events! One thing is the birthday parties that have been going on this month! Someone actually pointed out "Too many people were having sex in January!" There've been some memorable nights seeing our 80s tribute band The Spazmatics at the South Pointe, house parties, the Ren Faire (which I am definitely going to attend more of!!!), our 'Corporate Whoredom' night which was in my opinion a phenomenal success! Plus, our big Halloween party is coming up soon!!!! I cannot wait for that! It's going to be legen...wait for it...DARY!!! My costume is perfect for the 80s group, and believe me, there will be pictures up!

Another group I recently joined was the 'In Your 20s' meetup group which has allowed me to experience one of our members (Eric King's) events called 'Fun-A-Palooza' a great Sunday meetup at Sunset Park where there's food, games, singing, networking, and just 100% fun! Hence the name! I definitely intend to go to more of those!

As for the Movie Goers group I'm part of, well, unfortunately, I've just been unable to go to those lately due to the times and other commitments. In fact, this will allow me now to transition into my next topic, a favorite of mine as you'll know...MOVIES!

Well, the last movie I saw in theaters was Righteous Kill.

Now I really liked this film, but unfortunately, many critics trashed it. Most of them citing how 'No film that comes out the rest of the year can even attempt to equal the success that has been 'Dark Knight'." Come ON people! I know 'Dark Knight' was a box office hit this Summer but basing all other new releases off of it? That's just stupid!

Again, this was the last film that I saw in theaters! There's just been so many new movies that have been in theaters but I just haven't had that much time to watch them all! Some of the ones I've really wanted to see but have been unable to include

Now I know most of these will probably have a screen-life of about a month or two, but others will soon be showing up on sites like The Digital Bits or DVD Active before ya know it! But then, that's what Netflix is for right? Speaking of which, recently I've been watching some more DVDs at home courtesy of the Sahara-West library and Netflix. One of my most recent new favorites is David Fincher's 1997 thriller,

Talk about being on the edge of your seat! This film was incredible! Great story, wonderful cast, and the payoff...whoa. Never saw it coming! I highly recommend this one!

I've also been watching the 3rd season of SNL on DVD from the library.

It's going to be due soon and I'm only on Disc 3 of the 6! Luckily, if there's a sketch I'm watching and it's not making me laugh, I just track forward and get onto to the next sketch, making it easier to go through all the discs! It's great to see some classic sketches like The Festrunk Brothers, Samurai Psychiatrist, Baba Wawa, and musical performances by Ray Charles, Jackson Browne, and even Andy Kauffman! Nostalgia, pure nostalgia.

But it is becoming tougher and tougher to watch everything I get out of the library. Pretty much, if I know I'm getting out a title that I want to own, I just copy it now. My ever-growing DVD collection is about to reach 450, maybe more! Especially with all the TV shows I've been accumulating on DVD! Most recently I decided to add

What is good is that now, in going to the gym, which I've been doing a lot more now, they have HD TVs with built-in DVD players on their treadmills! So I can bring some DVDs that I've yet to watch there and enjoy a good workout and a movie at the same time! Recently, I got the chance to finally watch in its entirety,

Definitely a good movie to watch when you're working out with all of its driving sequences! Another one I highly recommend is

I know I definitely burned some serious calories especially when watching the training montages! Those are what really speed you up!

But yeah, I'm doing my best to keep fit and shed some pounds now.

Oh, one thing I did recently, and I know I said I was never going to go back, but I did. I reactivated my old Facebook account. I've managed to reconnect with a lot of old friends, most of which didn't get a Myspace account, or rarely use it. So you can now find my on there as well!

Let's see what else...

Ah, I know some people have asked this already, "When are you coming back East again, Phil?" Well, one thing I always seemed to do was come back at least twice a year. Once in the Summer and once in the Winter. I've already come back for a week last June, unfortunately, I won't be coming back a 2nd time this year. My work and housing situation at the present time just really has me busy right now and I'm really being choosy when it comes to travel right now. Having already made plans to fly to Michigan, the next big travel expense for me is going to be in March, 2009 for the Herbie's 40th Event! So, from the looks of things, the next time I'll be back East is..., at this point I guess it's when my parents need me to help get rid of stuff! I mean I would love to go back again during the Summer. That 1 week I had back in June was great. The weather was beautiful, I got to see a lot of my friends, and check out the old hangouts. It was a lot of fun. If I could, I'd take two weeks off, although it's going to be at the time where work at Metro is almost done, unless I go back in May. We'll just have to see, that's all I can tell you.

I've made my peace with playing that eternal game we call 'Waiting.' I also realize that we can't make time work for us, that it'll always be working against us. The days may be long, but you know what? If we all just enjoy what it is we're doing and find ways to fill up our schedules, they can go by like -snaps- that! That's how I always managed to enjoy getting through high school and college! I just joined a lot of groups and organizations on or around the area! Same thing out here! Like I said, the meetup groups have really broadened my social life and they've been making 2008 go by like clockwork, at least since August!

I've got my troubles yes, I mean who doesn't. Like I mentioned earlier, this economic/financial crisis is tough on all of us, and we just have to wait and see what happens. Like I said, I firmly believe that when Barack Obama is in office, and believe me, he WILL be in office, this country is going to take a massive turn for the better.

But in the end, we'll all come out on top I'm sure. We just have to be patient ladies and gentlemen. Just have some, "DON'T TELL ME 'PATIENCE'!" Herbie fans will get that reference. that it?

(Goes over notes...)

Oh! Music! Well, to be perfectly honest, I really haven't listened to anything new lately, other than some tracks that Lisa has sent me from Jason Mraz, Jimmy Eat World, Acceptance, and Innerpartysystem. I think that the last CD I actually bought was Foxboro Hot Tubs' debut album.

That was back in May!'s been that long!

Hmm...well I have been able to find some great CDs to copy through the library in the last month or so! Including

(The UK IMPORT version featuring a complete remaster and 3 bonus tracks!)

Plus, I really haven't been to many shows this year save for that Collective Soul show at Hard Rock back in September. Although if I could...this Sunday I would've loved to be seeing these guys again at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia...

Yep, this Sunday The Who return to Philly to play the 2nd leg of their 2008-2009 World Tour. I pray that they come to Las Vegas!!!!!!!! Please? Pete? Rog?

I think that's about it! I think I've covered it all!

As you know the comments are always welcome and hey, if there's a new blog you'd like me to write, I'm always open to suggestions like I did back in 2007!

So for Las Vegas, this is Phil Smith with your Metro Traffic! :-D

Until next time, stay tuned!

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