Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a big, big, big, big BLOG!!!!

I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden...
but I did promise you a brand new blog, EXTRA LARGE!!!
Welcome everyone to the latest in Phil Smith's life COMPLETE with a DVD UPDATE and all the trimmings! If you'd just like to scroll this way! No, no, this way. Th-this...this way! There! There you go! Now you've got it!

At least I hope you do!

So, you're all wondering I'm sure what my thoughts were on this years OSCARS. Well to put it bluntly, it was really no surprises for me. I had a feeling that Slumdog Millionaire would take home Best Picture.

Finally, Lisa and I are checking it out on its last showing this Thursday night!

To be honest, I think the real reason this "out of nowhere" film got as much attention as it did was solely due to its director. Think about it, Danny Boyle. A man without whom, we as an American audience would have never been introduced to the seedy underbelly of London through the film Trainspotting,

nor the acting abilities of Robert Carlyle, Kelly MacDonald, and of course, Ewan McGregor.

Boyle really was the only "name" within Slumdog. Everyone else as far as I'm concerned was more or less "name" only within India. I'm not saying the only reason that Slumdog did so well was only because of Danny Boyle's attachment, I'm simply saying that it's got that kind of power which enhanced it for being a recognized OSCAR nominated film! If that makes sense...

Therefore, I'm glad he took home the OSCAR for Best Direction and did his little 'Tigger bounce.'

As for Best Actor and Actress, I'm very happy for Sean Penn and Kate Winslet.

"You Commie, homo-loving, son of a guns..."

Now THAT is a memorable OSCAR moment if I ever heard one!
Wow...I had no idea that Kate did not win an OSCAR for Titanic! That's robbery! But seeing her accept her award on stage, and give thanks to her parents, even going so far as to shout, "Dad, if you're in here, whistle!" to which her father did...that was such a magical moment. I am very very happy for Kate Winslet winning her first OSCAR.

Best Supporting Actor.
I fell silent. I had the feeling that had this man not won, the world would sound off with a groan of disgust and upset, so powerful, it could cause the Earth to shake. But alas, the upset was not to be. Heath Ledger, in my own personal opinion after having recently been able to watch The Dark Knight one last time on the big screen in IMAX at The Palms with Lisa and Paul, truly showed me what kind of screen presence this man had playing the ultimate freakshow.

Watching the Joker in IMAX blow up the Gotham General Hospital while walking outside wearing a nurse's outfit is one of the ultimate "badass" scenes I've ever had the pleasure of watching. The way he quickly saunters away hitting a remote control to detonate a series of explosions throughout the hospital then stopping and turning around to see whether or not the final explosion is going to happen, makes you shiver almost. It's like Heath is walking right towards you and you are just seeing this madman hell bent on destruction. If you know the scene I'm talking about and have also watched it in IMAX, then I'm sure you'll agree.
With much respect for you, Heath Ledger, I and others the world over congratulate you for your OSCAR win for Best Supporting Actor in The Dark Knight.
There's really nothing more I could add to my reaction to this year's OSCARS. I mean everything else pretty much speaks for itself in terms of the music, the editing, the sound, the visuals. In all honesty, I haven't seen any of the films that were nominated, and like last year, I am seeing the film that won Best Picture mere days after it won! But, that's the way it is right now with me, financially, sometimes the things you love the most have to be put off so you can focus on more important matters like finding work. Which segues us pefectly into the next part of this blog.

Finding a job.

I'm sure most of you know, but for those who don't, I'll reiterate. Effective June, 2009, Metro Networks, Las Vegas will be closing. For me, this means, no more full-time job and that I have to find a new one, like NOW.

Thus far, in terms of full-time or potential full-time employment, I've put in an application to work at the new Aria hotel casino being constructed at City Center as an A/V Technician. Being skilled in audio and a little bit of visual production, I figure the job may just be right up my alley. The bad part of it is, that the place won't even be ready to open until December of this year and they won't start calling people that haven't been previously employed by MGM/Mirage until April. In addition to that, when you apply online for a position you're only allowed to apply for that one, single position until you get the word that you've been approved or not. That means that if I think I'm qualified for about 5-10 other positions at City Center I cannot apply for them until I am told that I'm unqualified for the position of A/V Tech.

How stupid is that? I know how they want to give everyone a chance with the rate of unemployment right now but seriously, say I don't get this position and the 2nd job I apply for is now already filled and the same goes for the 3rd job, and so on and so forth? Where's the good in that?!

Last Friday I had an interview over at Television City which is inside of the MGM Grand casino. It's a place where people recruit various people walking through that area to test out pilot TV shows for various network stations like CBS, Nickelodeon, and the CW. I think it went fairly well, plus my buddy Thom Reese who works there even put in a good word for me! That would be the first time I ever applied for a position and had "someone on the inside" pass some good words onto their bosses about me!

However, there were some moments during the interview where I felt almost egotistical. Putting down my availibilities I wrote Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm. Feeling that would suit my 8-hour day quota. Not realizing of course until they told us (there were 6 of us being interviewed at the same time) that the position would only include either mid-shifts of 10:30am-7pm and swing shifts of 2:45pm-10:15pm. NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS WRITE 'ANY' WHEN FILLING OUT YOUR AVAILIBILITY EVEN IF YOU KNOW THE USUAL HOURS THAT A COMPANY OPERATES!!!! So my name when they discussed how everyone was open to the times they'd like to be scheduled was mentioned out loud as being "somewhat problematic." I quickly changed my available times to 'Any.'

Also, explaining that I was in radio hoping to get my feet wet in television, I took to a script that we were required to read in front of everyone like a pro. However, once I was finished one of the heads mentioned "I felt like I was just listening to KNPR..." and another potential employee candidate said "I know, right?" and mimed switching off the radio dial. This lead me to believe one of two things. That they either thought I was too bland or that I sounded exactly like a radio type and were amazed. I'm really hoping the former isn't the case. I have yet to hear back from them but it's only Tuesday so...

Part-time work.

Just today I had an interview at an up and coming Italian restaurant called Mastriani's on Hualapai and Desert Inn, very close to my parents house. I figured I might get a part time gig as a cashier, host, or server. Unfortunately, after today, I've learned that if you go into a restaurant with a bar, and you're applying for a server, KNOW YOUR ALCOHOL!!! The application actually asked me to name three varitals of wine, three premium vodkas, three premium gins, and three codials or liquers. I guessed. For the wine I mentioned Pinot Noir, Reisling, and Shirah. For the liquers: White Russian, Absinthe, and Jack Daniels. For gins: Gimbleys, Sloe, and Popov. For vodkas: Sky, Absolut, and something I can't remember.

The woman interviewing me after hearing that I am doing radio and have a Communications degree pretty much looked me in the eye and asked "So what're you doing here?" Not that I took offense to that, but really I could understand where she was coming from. I mean all I know is radio, television, movies, and sound editing, so why shouldn't someone respond to me wanting to work in a restaurant that way? It'd be like Katie Couric applying for a job at an Adult Video Store.

Which for the record, I have filled out an application for Deja Vu Adult Boutique which I intend to turn in after work. Yep, you just might see me telling you the difference between a battery operated device and a body operated device. You know what I mean...

I've been trying to find work also at the local libraries as a Page, Computer Lab assistant, or Computer Lab Supervisor. The way these applications work is that they go over it, then send you a card with one of three checkboxes marked. One says "Based on your qualifications, we have deemed you unqualified for this position," the next says "We cannot offer you an interview at this time, thank you for submitting," and the last one says "We would like to schedule you for an interview, please respond with an available time you have to come in."

Last month, there were two positions I applied for at the local libraries; a Page and Part-time adult services assistant. The latter being a position that could lead to full time work. I received the cards in the mail and both had the 2nd square marked. This lead me to believe that I was qualified for the positions but was not picked. This in turn makes me think that all candidates qualified positions at the local libraries have their cards put into a hat or a basket, shuffled around and someone draws one card from there and that's the person who gets the job. Now, I don't know if that's exactly what happens, but it sure seemed like it!

As for finding something new in the field I'm already in, radio, the only place that might actually seem likely to bring me back is Lotus Broadcasting, where I interned during the Summer of 2006. Talking to the receptionist, she told me my best bet would be to come back in March and submit an application. Well, this was back in January that I was told this and the completed application has been sitting on my night table ever since! Just waiting for March to come!

Also, some of you may know that I have a part-time gig hosting karaoke at PTs Gold on Ann Rd. and Revere St. I really hope to see more of you coming out and supporting me! The last two weeks have been really tough with hardly anyone either showing up or singing. It's FUN!!!! That's what life's all about isn't it??? So once again, Saturday nights 9pm-1am, PTs Gold, Ann Rd. and Revere St. in North Las Vegas, KARAOKE hosted by me, Mr. Mix!!!

But one new thing that I haven't told many of you, those of you who know my love for acting...


Yes! In May, I will be auditioning for (drumroll please...)
Yes! My first audition since 2005!!! And you can bet I'm getting ready for it! By watching the Showtime telemovie,
I figure I'll be able to find a character I'd like to audition for and get familiar with the songs. I know there's a lot of them as the soundtrack was released as 2-CDs! But yes! This is incredible news! More incredible is that the musical has now been switched to being performed at the Onyx theater at the Rack, to the Cheyenne campus of CSN!!!!!! How cool is that???? I'd say it's smokin'!!!!!!!!

Now onto to something BIGGER, and I do mean BIGGER!!!

Lisa and I have found a new apartment!!!!

Yes!!! An incredible 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment in North Las Vegas at a place called Tivoli!

Check it out! I mean this is like paradise! The place looks like beach front property reminiscent of town houses on a boardwalk in New Orleans!
And check out these interiors!
I get the keys on April 9th which works out perfectly with Dolce, so that I can finish out my lease for April 12th and then get all my furniture moved in between April 9th-12th. And believe me, we will be having a big housewarming party!

The next big thing coming soon for me of course, is March 13th-March 15th, HERBIE'S 40TH!!!!

YES! YES! YES!!! After having an absolute blast 9 years ago in Orlando, Florida for 'Herbie Days at Disney World,' our online fanbase is coming together once again, this time in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original Herbie film, The Love Bug!!! Complete with special appearances by actor Joaquin Garay III from Herbie Goes Bananas, various fan replicars, and even some original movie cars! It's going to be one groovy event for us Herbie fans!

Well, I guess that pretty much catches everyone up! Lisa and I are doing wonderfully. I am very happy that we'll be living together soon!!! And right near a casino too! Tivoli is actually right across from Santa Fe Station! Very nice!

Mom and Dad are well. In fact, they're on a Carribbean cruise right now! Back in 2007 they wanted to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Rome. Unfortunately, due to the attempts at selling our former house in Avondale constantly failing, this proved to be impossible. Once it finally sold, they made plans last Summer to take a Spring trip for themselves on a cruise! I hope they're having fun! I know they could use it!

So, that should take care of everything now! I hope you've enjoyed the update! Now, without further ado, onto the DVD UPDATE!!!

April 7

April 14
April 21
(Guess I should've seen this coming!)
May 5
May 12
May 19

May 26

And to quote the immortal words of Mr. Carl Spackler...
"And that's all she wrote!"

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