Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why 'Media Guru'?

This should answer your question before you have a chance to ask it!

I am a huge movie buff. I own close to 400 DVDs that are all stored in 3 big binders. If you'd like to see what I own or have seen on DVD go to http://mr-flix-1983.dvdaf.com/

I started watching movies as early as 1984 and around the time I was 9 years old, I was able to quote them and do impressions of the various characters seen on film. I am like a walking-talking version of The Internet Movie Database (http://www.imdb.com/).

I also enjoy music. Mostly classic rock, 80s, and alternative. My iPod alone contains well over 5,000 songs.

Radio. It's a world I never thought I would see my future in. I was always more interested in acting and being on stage in front of large audiences. In my Freshman year of college I discovered that my university had its own student-run radio station. I promptly joined during my spring semester and remained with it til graduation. I held positions as DJ (with my own show that ran from Fall, 2003-Winter 2006), HR Director for two years in a row, Programming Director, Entertainment News Anchor, and Promo Producer.

I did two internships. 1 in the Summer of 2005 in Philadelphia and the other in the Summer of 2006 here in Las Vegas. I subsequently chose to move out to Las Vegas after graduating college and found work as a Traffic Producer/Reporter for Metro Networks where I report the traffic on the air for KNUU 970 AM, KXTE 107.5 FM, KVGS 107.9 FM, and SIRIUS channel 155.

I know much about the world of media, and am always ready to engage in a conversation about any and all aspects of it. Hence why I call myself The Media Guru.

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